Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Sea Gull Chunnambar Beach Resort.

Booked myself at the Sea Gull Chunnambar Beach Resort for I had no other options available. On account of the long weekend almost all good places were sold out. 

Called up Pondicherry Tourism development Office and managed to get a double-bedroom. Asked for the Treehouse, but was told that it's not available. During my 2-day stay I noticed that it was not occupied by anyone else either ! The place is run-down and not maintained well, or at least as a resort should be !

The only activity that was buzzing in Sea Gull Chunnambar Beach Resort is their Bar ! Pondicherry is but one very big bar ! Booze, booze and more booze everywhere ! This resort is no exception. 

When I asked for tea at 5 p.m. one evening the waiter informed me that that don't have tea, but can serve me chilled Beer !! In fact, we had to drive around for hours before we could find a place that would serve us some tea ! All hotels, big and small offered us Beer and most said that they do not serve tea or coffee !!

Restaurant in the resort closes at 9 p.m. while the bar is open until midnight ! They said drink all you can, then drive out in the dark looking for a decent place to eat ! We did just that and landed at Hotel Mass International, which they said is a "star hotel". That place is equally bad. There was a 'Biryani festival' going on that evening and the deal was 'Buy 1 Biryani and get 1 Beer Free' !!!

This place is not advisable for families with small kids. For bachelors on drinking binges it would be just ideal :-) !!! I went here in 2006.

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