Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Old is gold !

Holiday Home in Kodaikanal is indeed a great place to stay, when you're holidaying in Kodai. The place is possibly one of the oldest in the hill station. Run by a well-known family for over half-a-century ! That by itself says loads about the property.

Going by a conservative estimate, the last renovation of that property must have happened close to a quarter of a century back ! It's nowhere near 'pristine' condition – at least when we visited it a good 5 years back.

Early mornings, if step outside your cottage don't be shocked to see a herd of Bisons rummaging for leftover food ! They come and go from the bordering sholas (forests) and hills.

There's plenty of pear trees around the property from where you can pluck and eat all the pears you want ! There's a lovely little stream that runs right through the place too ! These are what makes it 'different' to the regular up-market resorts and hotels. Daily morning pick-up and drop to Kodaikanal town and back is a good service provided by the hotel, given the fact it’s a few good kilometers away from the town.

Food was a big cause for concern. There’s a large, very old dining hall (accommodating up to a 500, at a time). Food is served at set times there. If you want non-vege food, you'll have to first plan ahead, pay for your chicken or whatever you wish to consume for lunch (or pay up front during lunch time, for your dinner serving). That’s how it works. If you suddenly feel like biting into a luscious chicken drumstick, all you'll get is a polite 'No', with a big smile !!

'Cash only' was also an irritant. When we stayed here, the water had a strong smell of 'iron'. Perhaps because the geyser in the bathroom was a very old one.

I don’t know if the property has undergone any renovation in recent times, in which case it would make it a must stay destination, when in Kodai !
Get a room as far away from the dining room area. It will be less crowded !

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