Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Calm, Quiet, Peaceful.

The property in itself is fabulous. Very stylish and very, very plush. The location is breathtaking, with mist covered mountains behind and a awe-inspiring valley / lake view in front. 

The setting is just brilliant, even though to reach the resort is a bit of a pain !!

I was rather unhappy about a few incidents at the resort and so I mentioned those in so many words in the online Guest Feedback System. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only were my concerns looked into, without any delay whatsoever, but all my problems were swiftly and satisfactorily addressed !! Great customer focus. All credit should go to the (then) Front Office Manager Ramesh Jadoun and to the Chef, Debraj Bhaumik.

What irked us a lot was I had to find my way from Munnar town, all by ourselves, as the resort refused to provide me with a pick-up facility - even after my requesting them ! (The resort is a good 20 kms outside of Munnar town and the roads aren't always good). Club Mahindra must do something serious about this if they want their guests to come back again !

For someone looking for a calm, quiet and a peaceful break from life's hustle and bustle, then this would be an ideal place.

P.S. The resort is quite large and is rather spread out. A room in the main block / building would be the most convenient and ideal, if walking is a problem. For those who are fit as a fiddle the rooms spread around the property would be good as they can enjoy a workout as they climb the steep steps to and from their rooms to go to the main building which houses the restaurant / entertainment lounge / et al.

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