Friday, October 14, 2005

My recent Kodaikanal trip

I returned to Kodai after over a decade during the last, long weekend (Puja Holidays).
Should say that the place is more or less what I had in my mind. No dramatic changes. No new skylines. No better roads. Or even better facilities. Or any major improvements ... barring a few more restaurants (mostly the vege kinds). And quite a few more hotels. Mostly the down-market variety for the budget travellers.
Kodai should be complimented on the way it has maintained itself over these past many years. It hasn't lost its shape ... unlike let's say a Ooty !! The key attarctions still remain the same. That they have not got any better in terms of the facilities to the flocking visitors is a far better proposition than they becoming worse !!
I shall in due course get into the specifics and the details. But they have to wait awhile !
Adieu !

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