Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kodai - Conclusion

In all, our Kodai trip was 3-nights and 4-days of swell time ! Particularly enjoyed the long walk to the erstwhile Suicide Point (I prefer calling it that, than the new and more plesant-sounding 'Gree Valley View') and further on to the Pillar Rocks, past the Golf Course. That we could see absolutely nothing below in the Suicide Point and couldn't even remotely guess where the Pillar Rocks were on account of the heavy mist and fog, is besides the point ! In Suicide Point, we saw, much to my irritation, how the many monkeys were constantly harassed by the tourists. Some were pelting little stones and other objects that they could lay their hands on. I even saw one teenaged boy using his bag full of baby carrots as missiles that he was firing at the monkeys. I guess over the years, the monkeys must have got used to this nuisance and they were more intrested in grabbing whatever food was chucked at them, without getting too hassled about how they were served !

Our return back to Kodai Road was another excellent experience. The mist had enveloped the entire stretch and to add to the joy, it was raining too. The roadside brooks were in full flow and the water that was cascading over the rocks was a sight to behold. The entire stretch right from Kodai down till almost the end of the descent was covered with thick greenery. Lots and lots of flowering shrubs and trees and fruit-bearing trees. beautiful, indeed.

We alighted in Kodai Road (the bus stopped right at the door of the railway station). Got into the neat Kodai Road railway station's waiting room and stretched our legs a bit.

Pandian Superfast Express reached the station on the dot at 9.30 p.m. and stopped long (or short) enough for us to board comfortably. Our berths were in order. After a deep slumber, we reached Madras the next moring by sunrise.

I'd love to tell you more about our Kodai trip, but I shall force myself to stop here lest it gets boring (if it isn't already yet !!)

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